2013 Labor Law Posting Updates

Red indicates states with mandatory changes in 2013 to date (9/23/2013).
indicates states with mandatory changes in 2013 required for only certain types of employers (9/23/2013).

So far in 2013, 22 U.S. states have released mandatory labor law poster updates.

Six states released conditional postings*, which are mandatory for certain types of employers.

An additional 198 non-mandatory changes were identified by the GovDocs Research Department in 2013. What’s the Difference Between Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Changes?

That brings the grand total to 291 mandatory updates since January 1, 2006, and average of three mandatory changes every month.

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*What are Conditional Postings?

Human Trafficking posters are a good example of conditional postings, which are required for certain types of employers.

Employers in the affected states are required to post Human Trafficking postings if they meet certain conditions: interstate commerce and transportation, adult entertainment, drinking establishments, for example, are considered to be at risk for human trafficking. These employers must post the Human Trafficking postings while employers in other industries are not required to post. California, Georgia, and Pennsylvania each released a Human Trafficking poster in 2013.

Other types of conditional postings include industry-specific wage guidance, like Oregon’s Minimum Wage, Agricultural posting, required only for agricultural employers.

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