4 Tips for Evaluating Labor Law Poster Providers

How does your department weigh the needs of your compliance program in relation to cost?

This is a particularly busy time for human resources and compliance departments at large companies. On top of open enrollment activities, and hiring and training for holiday operations, many companies assess their budgets for the upcoming year.

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Here are 4 quick tips to help you select a vendor who keeps your locations compliant and helps you avoid unnecessary spending on your compliance program.

1. Check their track record

Some poster vendors do a very good job of delivering compliance products to customers at a fair price and with responsive customer service. Others do not. Check out your vendors on the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB provides a letter grade and a register of specific complaints from customers.

2. Define mandatory versus non-mandatory changes

Have each vendor tell you what constitutes “mandatory” to them and how they verify that changes are mandatory. Some vendors claim any change to a required posting is mandatory, but it matters little what your vendor thinks is mandatory. It matters very much what the issuing agency considers mandatory change. If you purchase from vendors who push you into unneeded poster purchases, you are wasting precious budget dollars and potentially creating more confusion for your locations.

3. Cross-check their update records

Ask your potential vendors for a list of recent mandatory state and federal labor law posting changes. With those lists in hand, you can see if each vendor’s list measures up to what your current vendor delivered to your locations. You need to trust that the research methodology of your vendor translates into compliance for your locations. Remember, compliance starts with thorough and accurate research!

4. Check references

Specifically, ask your vendors for references from companies like yours (similar size, similar industry, similar service) – and then contact those references. Ask your peers about vendors’ customer service, products, and total costs. One important question to ask: If you could change one thing about your poster vendor, what would it be?

Talk to us!

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