Arizona Revises Unemployment Insurance Posting

The Arizona Unemployment Insurance Office has revised its Notice to Employees: You Are Covered by Unemployment Insurance posting. The GovDocs Research Department has confirmed that the revision is mandatory for Arizona employers.

What Changed on Arizona’s Unemployment Insurance Posting?

In addition to light verbiage and formatting changes, critical revisions include:

  • Added website link for employees to download Unemployment Insurance pamphlet.
  • Directing claimants to website instead of phone number.
  • Directing claimants to register for work with the Arizona Job Connection.
  • Removed the Office’s postal address.
  • Updated federal compliance section to reflect changes to applicable Federal statutes.
  • Added non-English language assistance options.

Employers with locations in Arizona are required to post the Arizona Unemployment Notice. A Spanish version is also available and strongly recommended.

The revised Unemployment Insurance posting is included on the GovDocs Arizona State-on-One and Combined posters.

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