D.C. Unemployment Compensation, Human Rights Posting Revisions

D.C. revised its Notice to Employees: Information on Unemployment Compensation and released a Spanish version of the notice. Additionally D.C. revised the Human Rights Law (Equal Employment Opportunity) posting.

But are D.C. employers required to display the new postings?

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Revisions to D.C. Unemployment Insurance Posting Not Mandatory

Employers are required to display the English version of the D.C. Unemployment Compensation Notice, but the GovDocs Research Department confirmed with the Department of Employment Services (DOES) that modifications made as part of the 02.01.2015 version are not mandatory. The changes included renaming and reordering the listed job centers; however, all contact information remained the same as in the previous version.

New Spanish Version of D.C. Unemployment Compensation Notice Optional

The GovDocs Research Department also confirmed with the DOES that the Spanish version of the Unemployment Compensation notice is optional for employers to display.

Although the Spanish version of the Unemployment Compensation notice contains the sentence: Los empleadores deben exhibir este aviso a los empleados un lugar destacado en el trabajo instalaciones (“Employers must display this Notice To Employees prominently on the work premises”), it is simply a direct translation of the English version. The District of Columbia does not require the Spanish version of the Unemployment Compensation notice to be displayed.

Spanish Version of D.C. Equal Employment Opportunity Notice Revised, Not Mandatory

The D.C. Office of Human Rights (OHR) revised the Spanish version of its Human Rights Law (Equal Employment Opportunity) posting to include pregnancy as a protected status. The OHR already had released an English version of the D.C. Human Rights Law posting with the inclusion of pregnancy as a protected class of workers.

As with the Unemployment Compensation notice discussed above, employers are not required to display Spanish versions of the posting.

However, as a best practice, GovDocs recommends that employers provide Spanish versions of labor law postings directly to Spanish-speaking employees or to display them if their workforce consists of more than 10 percent of Spanish-speaking employees.

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