Did Target Just Leak its Minimum Wage Increase?

National news outlets claim that an unnamed “source familiar with the matter” leaked news of a $9 per hour minimum wage for Target employees beginning in April 2015, but Target Corp. has remained surprisingly silent so far.

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Target has a lot on their plate: Canada stores closing, corporate lay-offs, the $10 million data breach pay-outs, extending the return period for private-label brands. Maybe Target is simply spacing corporate news releases so that the employee wage story doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, but the national media is not letting good journalistic practice get in the way of a story.

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UPDATE 3/19 1:18 p.m.: Target spokesperson Molly Snyder replied to a GovDocs request for the minimum wage story’s confirmation. She emphasized that Target “typically [doesn’t] share details about our wages, so I’m not going to have any specifics to provide.”

“What I’d tell you is that at Target we remain committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent in the marketplace. We are committed to offering competitive wages and continually evaluate the marketplace to ensure we are doing so.”

Molly Snyder
Group Manager, Target Public Relations

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Leaked Target Minimum Wage Story Goes Viral

As of March 19, 2015, numerous news outlets ran with the story without a single named source confirming the minimum wage increase. (Emphasis added to snippets below).

  • A CNN headline read, “Target could be next to hike minimum wage.”
  • Yahoo! News reported, “The retail giant is reportedly planning to raise its minimum wage to $9 per hour.”
  • According to Reuters, “Target Corp next month will raise the minimum wage for all of its workers to $9 an hour…a source familiar with the matter said.
  • And then quoting the Reuters story, CNBC reported, “Target will raise its minimum wage to $9 per hour for all workers in April following recent pay hikes from other large retailers, Reuters reported Wednesday, citing a source.”

Even with only a shadowy source, the Target minimum wage story is now news.

But what is Target saying?

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) gets the cookie for being the first news report to use an actual named source, citing Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder as saying that Target “is always evaluating whether its wages are adequate for the various labor markets where Target operates.”

But that’s still not the same thing as a confirmation of a minimum wage increase. Is the story true? Probably – or at least maybe. GovDocs will update this post if Target formally announces the increase.

If the news is true, then Target will join Walmart, TJX (owner of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods), and other companies offering voluntary minimum wages higher than the Federal minimum wage rate of $7.25.

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