Executive Order for Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces

President Obama signed an Executive Order for “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” on July 31, which requires prospective federal contractors to acknowledge violations of wage and safety laws within the past three years. The order also requires companies to reveal any steps taken to correct these violations and any settlements or agreements they have entered into. If they contain “repeated, willful or egregious violations” of these labor laws, that could present the basis for denial or termination of a contract.

Agencies will have more guidance on how to examine labor violations when awarding federal contracts. This order is intended to oversee new federal contracts of $500,000 or more and provide information on companies’ compliance with federal labor laws. The new requirements will take effect in 2016.

What is an Executive Order?

An executive order is a rule or order issued by the president to an executive branch of the government without input from the legislative or judicial branches and having the force of law.

How Many Executive Orders Has President Obama Signed?

Many people believe that President Obama has overused his executive order power, but statistically he is number 26 out of 44 by signing 183 executive orders. The president to sign the most executive orders was FDR with 3,522.


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