Georgia: Updates to Workers Compensation Law

The Georgia General Assembly recently passed a workers’ compensation bill (HB 412) that amended the current workers compensation law. These changes went into effect on July 1, 2015 and are required for employers with 3 or more employees.

What Changed?

  • Compensation for catastrophic and non-catastrophic job related injuries increased from $525 to $550 per week.
  • Compensation for those who are able to return to work, but can only get a lower paying job because of their injury, increased from $350 to $367 per week.
  • Compensation payable to a surviving spouse as the sole dependent at the time of the employee’s death, has increased from a maximum of $150,000 to $220,000 (payable at $550 per week).
  • The Conformed Panel of Physicians was removed to align with a legislative change that struck provisions relating to the Conformed Panel of Physicians.

Georgia Workplace Posters Required for Employers

In addition to the Georgia Workers Compensation posting, employers in the state must also display a variety of other postings to remain compliant with Georgia’s workplace regulations, including:

  • Unemployment Insurance for Employees
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
  • Vacation Unemployment Insurance
  • Child Labor Law
  • Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
  • E-Verify
  • Right to Work
  • No Smoking

The updated posting is included as part of the Georgia and Federal posters, which contains workplace postings required for Georgia businesses.

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