Hawaii Unemployment Insurance, Revised Posting

The Hawaii State Department of Labor & Industrial Relations (DLIR) released a revised version of the Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Law posting, which is required for most employers who hire one or more individuals and/or who do business in Hawaii. (See Coverage Exclusions here.)

What Changed on the Hawaii Unemployment Posting?

Hawaii’s Unemployment Insurance Law posting revisions reflect administrative streamlining, including a reduction in “person-to-person” operations.

  • Effective October 1, 2014, Hawaii’s telephone claim filing will no longer be available.
  • The online claim-filing system (HUI) requires users to have valid email addresses.
  • Hawaii added a direct deposit requirement for unemployment insurance benefits. Eligible recipients must provide bank account information to receive payments.
  • The DLIR closed its Kaneohe Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Development office, and that claims officer contact information was removed from the revised posting.

Fortunately fewer people will need to file new claims. Hawaii’s unemployment rate for September 2014 was 4.2 percent compared to the nationwide average of 5.9 percent.

Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Poster

The Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Law posting is available as part of the GovDocs Hawaii Poster Compliance Package with other postings required for employers in Hawaii.

  • Unemployment Insurance Law
  • Disability Compensation Law
  • Wage & Hour Laws
  • Occupational Safety & Health Laws
  • Whistleblower Protection Law
  • Laws Prohibiting Employment Discrimination
  • Required Notice to Dislocated Workers/Plant Closings
  • Smoking Prohibited by Law
  • Breastfeeding in the Workplace

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