Industry Clarification: Two Changes NOT Mandatory

GovDocs received several customer queries about a competitor’s claim that changes to the New Jersey Child Labor Law posting and the Nevada Unemployment Insurance posting were mandatory.

Our Research Department confirmed with the issuing agencies that neither of these updates are considered mandatory by either State.

  • New Jersey Child Labor Laws. The state changed the notice date, but it is not a mandatory change per the New Jersey Wage and Hour Compliance Division.
  • Nevada Unemployment Insurance. The state added contact information, but the change is not mandatory per the Nevada Unemployment Office.

Posting Changes: Mandatory Versus Non-Mandatory

When a change is considered mandatory, employers should replace earlier versions of the posting.

Some vendors who rely on one-time poster purchases may claim that changes are mandatory even when they’re not – without verifying if the issuing agency considers the changes as critical enough for employers to replace their postings.

Moral of the story: Why overspend on labor law posting compliance?

If you’d like to learn more about the difference between mandatory and non-mandatory changes, please check our series What’s the Difference Between Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Changes?.

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