Your remote and virtual workers need access to required Federal, State, and Municipal labor law postings. The GovDocs Intranet Poster Program allows workers 24/7 secure access to the latest required notices within your company intranet site.

  • Centralized: Your intranet is your central resource center – no need to send your employees looking for resources on the internet.
  • Accessible: Your employees can access viewable and printable labor law postings in PDF format directly on your intranet site.
  • Current: GovDocs updates postings on an ongoing basis as posting changes occur. You and your employees have access 24/7 to the most current version of labor law postings on your site and in real time.
  • Easy: Updated postings seamlessly appear on your intranet – no need to upload new files.
  • Secure: The latest postings are hosted on GovDocs secure network, meaning no storage space demands on your system.

To learn more about the GovDocs Intranet Poster Program, contact us for an exclusive demonstration.