How Do You Know If You Are Being Bullied at Work?

There’s a 50% chance that you have experienced workplace bullying in some form. Being able to identify workplace bullying is not always so black and white. The competitive nature of today’s workplace can sometimes cultivate negative behaviors among employees. Where can the line be drawn regarding when your coworker’s behavior has crossed the line from good-natured fun to bullying?

The Workplace Bullying Institute has published an extensive list of criteria that will help an employee determine whether or not they are being bullied. Traits of bullying include:

  • Deceit or lying.
  • Intimidation and making veiled threats.
  • Minimizing or discounting someone’s concerns.
  • Threats or offensive communication.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Taking or stealing credit for work.

While there is not yet any firm anti-workplace bullying legislation, companies are free to develop policies to curb  workplace bullying. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a very useful Workplace Bullying Policy template.

Massachusetts legislators are looking to pass the  Healthy Workplace Bill which if it passes the house, would make Massachusetts the first state to pass such a bill.

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