L.A. Hotel Workers Vie for Top Minimum Wage

Hotel workers in Los Angeles soon may receive the highest minimum wage in the United States.

Roughly 10,000 employees in 87 hotels across the city would receive at least a minimum wage of $15.37 per hour if the Los Angeles City Council passes a proposal to be presented by council members Mike Bonin, Nury Martinez, and Curren Price.

The City previously has passed living wage ordinances to increase the minimum wage for some workers beyond the State of California’s minimum wage of $8.00 per hour. Employees at Los Angeles International Airport earn at least $15.37 per hour while hotel workers in the Century Corridor district currently earn a minimum of $11.97 per hour. Seactac, Washington recently enacted a $15 per hour minimum wage for some workers.

California’s state minimum wage increases to $9.00 per hour July 1, 2014 before another hike to $10.00 per hour in 2016.

Los Angeles City Council member Mike Bonin discusses a range of issues, including living wage and poverty.


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