GovDocs Labor Law Poster Enhancements

Last Updated: June 3, 2021

Please note: Some of the following enhancements may not apply to all GovDocs clients.

How are GovDocs posters changing?

GovDocs posters are now printed on a high-quality synthetic material that is water-, tear-, grease-, chemical- and UV-resistant. It is also biodegradable and can be thrown in the regular trash after use. Learn more about advantages to GovDocs’ labor law posters.

Poster dimensions have also changed to a standard 22-inch width, which may result in a slightly narrower, longer length.

They ship folded flat in an envelope via the U.S. Postal Service. The folds will relax soon after the poster is displayed.

Why are these changes important?

  • The synthetic material is highly durable, able to withstand wear and tear in your locations
  • It’s 100% biodegradable, which reduces the impact on the environment. Once discarded, it immediately begins to break down in a landfill
  • The narrower, longer format frees up lateral wall space
  • The transition from non-standard to standard packaging – envelopes instead of shipping tubes – increases delivery performance, reduces lost or misplaced shipments and allows shipping to PO Boxes

Are other GovDocs features affected by these changes?

No, all other GovDocs features, including branded labels, PosterCheck and ComplianceCheck, remain the same.

When will locations start to see new posters?

Beginning with the April 2021 update (in May), locations will receive new posters according to the mandatory updates each month, per the GovDocs Update Program.

Will all posters be replaced with the new synthetic material?

No, new synthetic-material posters will be shipped to applicable locations according to the mandatory updates each month, per the GovDocs Update Program. In the future, updated posters will be printed on the synthetic material.

To check a poster’s compliance status, your locations can scan the ComplianceCheck QR code, located in the poster’s bottom margin.

How do daily orders ship?

Daily orders will ship via UPS.

Will tracking information be available in the GovDocs Postings Dashboard?

Yes, with the transition to USPS, tracking information will be accessible in the Postings Dashboard.

How can I inform our locations?

To inform your locations, we’ve created a sample communication outlining these changes, also available on the Help page of the GovDocs Postings Dashboard. Feel free to customize it to meet your specific needs.