Mandatory Change to New Mexico Minimum Wage Act Posting

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions Labor Relations Division has updated the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act posting.

The posting, which is required for all employers with locations in New Mexico, was revised with significant changes. Employers need to replace previous versions with the latest posting.

The New Mexico Minimum Wage Act posting is included as part of GovDocs’ New Mexico labor law posters required for New Mexico workplaces.

What Changed on the Posting?

  • Addition of section 50-4-26.1 “Retaliation Prohibited”
  • Significant changes to section 5-4-26 “Enforcement, penalties; employees’ remedies”
  • Verbiage changes throughout
  • Contact information updated
  • Address change for Las Cruces office

Why Are the Changes Considered Mandatory?

In addition to significant verbiage changes to section 5-4-26, the revision to the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act posting is mandatory as it includes new statute language in section 50-4-26.1 informing employees of their right not to be retaliated against by employers for:

“…asserting a claim or right pursuant to the Minimum Wage Act or assisting another person to do so or for informing another person about employment rights or other rights provided by law.”

New Mexico Required Workplace Postings

Available in both electronic and laminated poster formats, GovDocs provides employers with six workplace postings required for New Mexico employment locations:

  • Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Minimum Wage Act
  • Safety & Health Protection on the Job
  • Discrimination
  • No Smoking
  • Notice of Accident

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