Manitoba Employers Must Display Harassment Prevention Policy

Each employer with workplace locations in Manitoba must post a copy of their company’s workplace harassment prevention policy in a prominent location. The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has developed guidelines for employers for creating workplace harassment policies.

The harassment prevention policy must provide information on the following:

  • How to make a harassment complaint
  • How a harassment complaint will be investigated
  • How the complainant and alleged harasser will be informed of the results of the investigation

What is Harassment in Manitoba?

Workplace harassment is more than simple “joking around”. Harassment is the act of ongoing intimidating behavior meant to demean a person. Manitoba’s Human Rights Commission defines harassment as:

“…any behaviour that degrades, demeans, humiliates, or embarrasses a person, and that a reasonable person should have known would be unwelcome. It includes actions (e.g. touching, pushing), comments (e.g. jokes, name-calling) or displays (e.g. posters, cartoons). Harassment can also take place electronically.”

Although harassment is typically associated with the behaviors of employees targeting other employees, an employer may be held liable when a non-employee is the source of harassment. In the case of Garland v. Grape & Grain, a Manitoba employer was found liable when a regular customer repeatedly made lewd comments to a female employee. The Commission ruled that the employer did not take adequate measures to create a work environment in which the employee felt safe.

When Harassment Becomes Sexual Harassment in Manitoba

Harassment becomes sexual harassment when the intimidating behavior includes offensive and unwelcome actions or speech related to a person’s gender or sexuality.

Free Workplace Harassment Policy Template

GovDocs has developed a Microsoft Word version of Manitoba’s workplace harassment prevention policy document that your company can use as a starting point for developing a workplace harassment policy document that complies with Province requirements. Simply find and replace the exact phrase OUR COMPANY with the name of your company to get started making this harassment policy document your own.

Download the free Manitoba Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy Document HERE.

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