Missouri Revises Workers’ Comp Process and Posting

The Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation revised it Notice of Workers’ Compensation posting.

The posting details the steps employers and employees need to take in the event of a workplace accident and the subsequent claims process. Additionally, an employer must fill in contact information for the employer representative and the employer’s insurance company, third-party administrator, or designated individual if the employer has been approved to self-insure.

What Changed?

The Division made the bulk of revisions on the second page of the document, now known as Employer Information. Many of the changes involved “wordsmithing” text, but the Division made several changes that affect employers and employees:

  • Survivor BenefitsAverage Weekly Wage: removed “for the year immediately preceding the injury”.
  • Steps to Take When Injury OccursStep #3: removed “insurer” as being able to choose health care provider or treating physician.
  • Workers’ Safety Section: added website address and the Division’s phone number.

Missouri employers must display the posting or face a class-A misdemeanor charge punishable by imprisonment and/or fines ranging from $50 to $1,000.

The revised Notice of Workers’ Compensation posting is included on the GovDocs Missouri State-on-One poster along with other required postings.

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