Nebraska Minimum Wage Makes the November Ballot

In January, Nebraska Senator Jeremy Nordquist introduced Legislative Bill 943 to raise the state’s hourly minimum wage in two stages from $7.25 to $9.00 by 2016, but support for the Bill was deadlocked, and it was ultimately defeated.

But all is not lost for supporters of a Nebraksa minimum wage increase.

The Nebraskans for Better Wages collected 135,000 signatures and submitted them to the Secretary of State before the deadline for placement on the November ballot.

Senator Jeremy Nordquist co-chaired the campaign and said,

“No Nebraskan who works hard should feel like they’re drowning in our economy, and everyone who works full time should be able to provide for their families.”

Opposition to LB 943

The Platte Institute for Economic Research states that nearly half of workers earning minimum wage are under the age of 24. Minimum wage jobs are known to be ‘low wage’ and ‘short term’ providing young people with the skills and experience for higher paying jobs in the future.

Others fear raising the minimum wage after a recession will hurt businesses that are already struggling.

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