New Jersey Protects Pregnant Workers from Discrimination

New Jersey revised its Discrimination in Employment posting to include pregnancy as an employee classification protected from workplace discrimination in hiring, promotion, training, compensation, and other employment conditions.

New Jersey Discrimination Posting Required for Employers

The revised notice is required for New Jersey employers and must be displayed in a conspicuous location in the workplace that is in view to all workers and to all applicants. If a business usually displays labor law posters in an area not accessible to job applicants (a break room, for example), the employer must also display the notice in an area where job applicants would be permitted (a lobby, for example).

New Jersey Employee Classifications Protected from Discrimination

New Jersey led states in the U.S. with the nation’s first state-wide enforcement legislation that dates back to 1945, and now New Jersey has expanded the list of people protected from discrimination.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) protects people from differential treatment in employment, housing, and public accommodation for the following classifications:

  • Race, Creed, or Color
  • National Origin
  • Age
  • Ancestry or Nationality
  • Marital or Domestic Partnership or Civil Union Status
  • Sex, Pregnancy, or Gender Identity or Expression
  • Disability
  • Liability for Military Service
  • Affectional or Sexual Orientation
  • Atypical Cellular or Blood Trait
  • Genetic Information (or refusal to submit to genetic testing)

New Jersey Discrimination Posting Spanish Language Version

New Jersey Employers with 10 percent or more of full-time, part-time, and contracted workers who primarily speak Spanish should post the Spanish version of the posting. Both the Spanish and English versions are available as part of the GovDocs New Jersey posting compliance packages along with other posting required for New Jersey employers.

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