Newark Paid Sick Leave Posting Released, Date Pushed

The Newark Department of Child and Family Well-Being released the Paid Sick Leave posting.

The City also revised the effective date for the posting to June 21, 2014 due to the late release of the poster. Newark originally had slated a May 29 effective date.

Newark Paid Sick Leave for Workers

Newark’s ordinance allows full- and part-time employees to earn up to one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked with a 40-hour per year cap for businesses with 10 or more employees. Businesses with nine or fewer employees are required to offer workers at least 24 hours of sick pay per year.

Newark is one of only seven municipalities in the U.S. with mandatory paid sick-leave ordinances.

Newark Paid Sick Leave Posting Requirement

Employers are required to give employees with the Paid Sick Leave posting and to display it in conspicuous areas in the workplace.

The new posting is available as part of the GovDocs Newark City labor law posting package.

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