New Hampshire Whistleblower Protections Expanded

The New Hampshire Department of Labor expanded the activities protected under the State’s Whistleblowers’ Protection Act (RSA 275-E). The intention of the Act is to protect employees from retaliation for reporting or refusing to participate in activities the employee believes are illegal.

What Changed on the Posting?

In addition to minor verbiage and formatting changes, the revised posting:

  • Clarifies that an employee may report (or cause to be reported) any law or rule adopted by the state, political subdivision, or federal government.
  • Added protection for employees who refuse to participate in any activity perceived to be a violation.
  • Eliminates a requirement to alert a supervisor to any perceived violation.

The New Hampshire Whistleblowers’ Protection Act posting is part of the GovDocs New Hampshire State-on-One poster along with other labor law postings required for employers in New Hampshire.

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