Oklahoma Discrimination Posting: Mandatory?

Oklahoma recently revised its Oklahoma Law Prohibits Discrimination notice. But the GovDocs Research Department made a surprising discovery about the posting.

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The Oklahoma Attorney General recently revised the Oklahoma Law Prohibits Discrimination posting with improved aesthetic reformatting, updated contact information, and information about unlawful harassment and retaliation.

But it’s time for our favorite compliance game!


When the GovDocs Research Department contacted the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement to determine if Oklahoma employers were required to re-post the revised version, we learned from the Assistant Attorney General  not only is the update not required, but that the posting itself is optional for Oklahoma employers to display.

That said, the State of Oklahoma “highly encourages” employers to display the posting, and it certainly reflects a good-faith effort to strengthen the employer-employee relationship: it’s just not required.

The Oklahoma Law Prohibits Discrimination posting informs employees in Oklahoma of their right to be free from discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, sex, or genetic information based on Title 25, Section 1302 of Oklahoma Statutes.

Long story short: although the Oklahoma Law Prohibits Discrimination posting is not required, communications that help workers understand workplace legal protections prove that employers care about their employees. GovDocs recommends that Oklahoma employers continue to display the posting.

Ongoing and proactive research support is yet another why North America’s largest employers trust GovDocs to help them eliminate unnecessary spending on labor law postings and logistics.

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