Oregon Bans Vaping in the Workplace

E-cigarette smokers in Oregon thought they were in the clear, but now they’ll have to clear out of public places to get their nicotine fix.

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The State of Oregon updated the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) to include aerosol and vapor to the list of prohibited substances act renamed and effective date updated. Beginning January 1, 2016, the ICAA will prohibit the use of “inhalant delivery systems” (aka e-cigarettes).

According to the Oregon Health Authority:

“Under the law, Oregonians will not be able to use e-cigarettes and other inhalant delivery systems in workplaces, restaurants, bars and other indoor public places in Oregon. There are no exemptions for electronic cigarette retail outlets, smoke shops, bars or other venues.”

Posting Requirements for Oregon Employers and Public Places

Businesses and public places must display the new Oregon “No Smoking or Vaping” notice at all building entrances and exits. Businesses who are found in violation can incur up to a $500 fine every day for each violation.

The Oregon No Smoking or Vaping notice is part of the GovDocs Oregon Compliance Poster Package along with other workplace notices required for Oregon employers:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Safety & Health Protection on the Job
  • Family Leave
  • No Smoking
  • Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking

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What Are E-Cigarettes?

According to a summary report for policy-makers:

“E-cigarettes generally consist of a battery, a heating coil and a liquid containing nicotine. Drawing on the e-cigarette or pressing a switch activates the battery to heat the coil, which vaporises the liquid. This is then inhaled and the nicotine absorbed into the blood via mouth, throat and lungs. The liquids contain nicotine, water, a ‘diluent’ such as propylene glycol or glycerol, and a flavouring, such as tobacco, mint, vanilla or fruit.”

Although delicious, the e-cigarette still poses a public health threat, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

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