Philadelphia Releases Paid Sick Time Posting

The new Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave law goes into effect May 13, 2015, and all workplaces must display the latest posting.

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GovDocs previously reported that the new law will allow employees to use accrued sick time for their own illnesses, care for family members, or seek support for domestic violence or sexual assault.

  • Businesses with 10 or more employees must provide one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked with a cap of accrued paid sick time.
  • Businesses with 9 or fewer employees must provide one hour of unpaid sick leave for every 40 hours worked with a cap of 40 hours of accrued sick time.

Philadelphia Paid Sick Time Posting

The Philadelphia Paid Sick Time notice is included as part of the GovDocs Philadelphia City Posting Compliance package, which includes all workplace posting required for Philadelphia employers:

  • Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave
  • Philadelphia No Smoking (English)
  • Philadelphia No Smoking (Spanish)
  • Philadelphia Your Rights to Unpaid Leave Due to Domestic or Sexual Violence
  • Philadelphia Employment Discrimination is Against the Law
  • Philadelphia Protecting Pregnant Employees

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