South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Updates Posting

South Carolina made a mandatory change to the Workers’ Compensation posting. All employers operating under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act are required to publicly post an Employer’s Notice of Being Subject to the Act (R67-301 A).

The posting details the steps employers and employees need to take in the event of a workplace accident and the subsequent claims process. Additionally, an employer must fill in contact information for the employer representative and the employer’s insurance company, third-party administrator, or designated individual if the employer has been approved to self-insure.

What Changed on the South Carolina Worker’s Comp Posting?

The changes include formatting updates, with the addition of Provider Name, Address and phone number blanks on the form for employers to fill in.

The revised Workers’ Compensation posting is included on the GovDocs South Carolina laminated and electronic poster packages, along with other workplace postings required for South Carolina employers.

Workers’ Comp Posting Requirements in the U.S.

U.S. states have differing requirements for workers’ compensation postings and for unemployment insurance postings. For a comprehensive list of states with special requirements for workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance postings, check here.

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