D.C. Unemployment Compensation, Human Rights Posting Revisions

D.C. revised its Notice to Employees: Information on Unemployment Compensation and released a Spanish version of the notice. Additionally D.C. revised the Human Rights Law (Equal Employment Opportunity) posting.

But are D.C. employers required to display the new postings?

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Revisions to D.C. Unemployment Insurance Posting Not Mandatory

Employers are required to display the English version of the D.C. Unemployment Compensation Notice, but the GovDocs Research Department confirmed with the Department of Employment Services (DOES) that modifications made as part of the 02.01.2015 version are not mandatory. The changes included renaming and reordering the listed job centers; however, all contact information remained the same as in the previous version.

New Spanish Version of D.C. Unemployment Compensation Notice Optional

The GovDocs Research Department also confirmed with the DOES that the Spanish version of the Unemployment Compensation notice is optional for employers to display.

Although the Spanish version of the Unemployment Compensation notice contains the sentence: Los empleadores deben exhibir este aviso a los empleados un lugar destacado en el trabajo instalaciones (“Employers must display this Notice To Employees prominently on the work premises”), it is simply a direct translation of the English version. The District of Columbia does not require the Spanish version of the Unemployment Compensation notice to be displayed.

Spanish Version of D.C. Equal Employment Opportunity Notice Revised, Not Mandatory

The D.C. Office of Human Rights (OHR) revised the Spanish version of its Human Rights Law (Equal Employment Opportunity) posting to include pregnancy as a protected status. The OHR already had released an English version of the D.C. Human Rights Law posting with the inclusion of pregnancy as a protected class of workers.

As with the Unemployment Compensation notice discussed above, employers are not required to display Spanish versions of the posting.

However, as a best practice, GovDocs recommends that employers provide Spanish versions of labor law postings directly to Spanish-speaking employees or to display them if their workforce consists of more than 10 percent of Spanish-speaking employees.

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Hawaii Unemployment Insurance, Revised Posting

The Hawaii State Department of Labor & Industrial Relations (DLIR) released a revised version of the Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Law posting, which is required for most employers who hire one or more individuals and/or who do business in Hawaii. (See Coverage Exclusions here.)

What Changed on the Hawaii Unemployment Posting?

Hawaii’s Unemployment Insurance Law posting revisions reflect administrative streamlining, including a reduction in “person-to-person” operations.

  • Effective October 1, 2014, Hawaii’s telephone claim filing will no longer be available.
  • The online claim-filing system (HUI) requires users to have valid email addresses.
  • Hawaii added a direct deposit requirement for unemployment insurance benefits. Eligible recipients must provide bank account information to receive payments.
  • The DLIR closed its Kaneohe Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Development office, and that claims officer contact information was removed from the revised posting.

Fortunately fewer people will need to file new claims. Hawaii’s unemployment rate for September 2014 was 4.2 percent compared to the nationwide average of 5.9 percent.

Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Poster

The Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Law posting is available as part of the GovDocs Hawaii Poster Compliance Package with other postings required for employers in Hawaii.

  • Unemployment Insurance Law
  • Disability Compensation Law
  • Wage & Hour Laws
  • Occupational Safety & Health Laws
  • Whistleblower Protection Law
  • Laws Prohibiting Employment Discrimination
  • Required Notice to Dislocated Workers/Plant Closings
  • Smoking Prohibited by Law
  • Breastfeeding in the Workplace

Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Statute Update

Nebraska has revised its Unemployment Insurance Advisement of Benefit Rights posting to reflect statutory updates to Title 219, Chapter 4 of the Nebraska Administrative Code. The changes reflect the addition of statutory sections under Claimants Availability/Work Search requirements (002.D, 002.E, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007). The posting is required for all employers with locations in Nebraska to display.

What Changed on the Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Posting?

The following sections were added to Chapter 4 (Claimant’s Availability/Work Search Requirements) on the posting:

002.D. Electronic notifications by the employment services web application of job openings matching up with the job skills described in the claimant’s resume in the employment services’ web application shall be considered as a direction by the Commissioner to apply for available, suitable work within the meaning of Neb. Rev. Stat. §48-628(3).

002.E. Eligibility for benefits of claimants seeking only part-time work is established in Neb. Rev. Stat. §48-627

003. A claimant who has drawn benefits for over six weeks will be required to expand the scope of the job search regarding acceptable hours, wages, conditions, location, and type of work.

004. A claimant who is unavailable for employment or physically unable to work for any reason for four days of any week shall be disqualified from receiving benefits for that week. Exception; “duty before any court under a lawfully issued summons during the week of unemployment claimed.” See, 20 CFR 604.5(b).

005. The Commissioner may waive the requirement that an applicant search for work if: A. The applicant is attached to a regular job or industry; B. The applicant is eligible for referral as a member in good standing in a labor union which has a hiring hall; C. Compliance would be oppressive or inconsistent with the purpose of the Nebraska Employment Security Law; D. The applicant is attending training approved by the Commissioner pursuant to 225 NAC 1; or E. The applicant is attending training funded in whole or part pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §48-622.02.

006. A claimant shall be ineligible for benefits during any week in which the claimant fails to participate in reemployment services as directed by the Commissioner, such as job search assistance services, if the claimant has been determined to be likely to exhaust regular benefits and to need reemployment services pursuant to a profiling system established by the Commissioner pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §48-627(6), §303(j)(1) of the Federal Social Security Act, and 219 NAC 17, unless the commissioner determines that: A. The claimant has completed such services; or B. There is justifiable cause for the claimant’s failure to participate in such services.

007. For purposes of Neb. Rev. Stat. §48-628(7), an individual shall be considered to be registered for full attendance at and regularly attending an established school, college or university if the individual is treated as a full-time student at the school, college or university that the individual is attending for purposes of determining eligibility for federally subsidized financial assistance.

Nebraska Workplace Posters

The Nebraska Unemployment Insurance posting is part of the GovDocs Nebraska poster package, available in laminated and electronic formats. The Nebraska poster package includes postings required for Nebraska employers:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Safety & Health Protection on the Job
  • Discrimination
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Hours of Employment for Minors
  • Unemployment Insurance Advisement of Benefit Rights

Industry Clarification: Two Changes NOT Mandatory

GovDocs received several customer queries about a competitor’s claim that changes to the New Jersey Child Labor Law posting and the Nevada Unemployment Insurance posting were mandatory.

Our Research Department confirmed with the issuing agencies that neither of these updates are considered mandatory by either State.

  • New Jersey Child Labor Laws. The state changed the notice date, but it is not a mandatory change per the New Jersey Wage and Hour Compliance Division.
  • Nevada Unemployment Insurance. The state added contact information, but the change is not mandatory per the Nevada Unemployment Office.

Posting Changes: Mandatory Versus Non-Mandatory

When a change is considered mandatory, employers should replace earlier versions of the posting.

Some vendors who rely on one-time poster purchases may claim that changes are mandatory even when they’re not – without verifying if the issuing agency considers the changes as critical enough for employers to replace their postings.

Moral of the story: Why overspend on labor law posting compliance?

If you’d like to learn more about the difference between mandatory and non-mandatory changes, please check our series What’s the Difference Between Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Changes?.

Arizona Revises Unemployment Insurance Posting

The Arizona Unemployment Insurance Office has revised its Notice to Employees: You Are Covered by Unemployment Insurance posting. The GovDocs Research Department has confirmed that the revision is mandatory for Arizona employers.

What Changed on Arizona’s Unemployment Insurance Posting?

In addition to light verbiage and formatting changes, critical revisions include:

  • Added website link for employees to download Unemployment Insurance pamphlet.
  • Directing claimants to website instead of phone number.
  • Directing claimants to register for work with the Arizona Job Connection.
  • Removed the Office’s postal address.
  • Updated federal compliance section to reflect changes to applicable Federal statutes.
  • Added non-English language assistance options.

Employers with locations in Arizona are required to post the Arizona Unemployment Notice. A Spanish version is also available and strongly recommended.

The revised Unemployment Insurance posting is included on the GovDocs Arizona State-on-One and Combined posters.

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