Vermont Minimum Wage Battle: Which Amount Will Win?

The Vermont General Assembly is on its way to passing a minimum wage increase, but which version will make it to Governor Pete Shumlin for signing?

Vermont’s New Minimum Wage: $10.10 or $10.50?

Two competing bills proposing to raise Vermont’s minimum wage from the current rate of $8.73 per hour may face each other in a legislative showdown.

Vermont’s House of Representatives continues to battle over a bill to increase the State’s minimum wage to $10.10 in 2016 in House Bill H.552

The Senate version S.301 proposes to increase Vermont’s minimum wage to $10.50 per hour in 2018.

Both versions would tie future increases to Vermont’s minimum wage to the Consumer Price Index or 5 percent, whichever increase is smaller.

Regardless which version of the minimum wage bill survives, the Democratic majorities in either house of the Assembly will find a ready ally in the Democratic Governor’s pen.

The two competing bills would need to go to a legislative conference committee for negotiation if neither legislative body is willing to relinquish its version of the minimum wage increase.

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