GovDocs Update Program Description

NOTE: The following information is CONFIDENTIAL and intended for GovDocs client use only.

The standard GovDocs Update Program¹ (“Update Program”) is a 12-month subscription that automatically provides updated federal, state, county or city labor law postings to applicable client locations. Posting updates occur whenever a jurisdiction /regulatory agency (“jurisdiction”) issues a new or revised posting, or retires a posting, then requires the latest version to be displayed or removed, respectively. The postings included in the Update Program will change each month to reflect the current jurisdiction activity.

Physical postings display criteria – as outlined by the issuing jurisdiction – fall into three categories:   

  1. Required for ALL Employers: Every employer, regardless of size, industry, etc., is required to display the posting
  2. Required for SOME Employers: Only employers who meet a specific requirement (or requirements) must display the posting. Requirements are generally related to employer size (revenue or employee count), concentration of employee type or industry
  3. Optional for All Employers: The jurisdiction has not issued any type of display requirement for the posting

GovDocs Update Program:

  • The Update Program utilizes postings issued by the U.S. federal government, all 50 states, District of Columbia, counties and cities; as well as U.S. territory, Puerto Rico.
  • The Update Program includes the following physical postings:
  • All postings classified as “required for all employers,” including the initial eight² (8) U.S. states requiring Right-to-Work/E-Verify
  • All postings, regardless of jurisdictional posting requirements, in the core subject postings covered by GovDocs: minimum wage, employment discrimination, workers compensation, unemployment insurance and uniformed services employment
  • GovDocs-selected postings, from either “required for some employers” or “optional for all employers” categories, that are typically required by GovDocs’ primary customer base of large-size companies with a multistate and multilocation presence

Postings outside of GovDocs Update Program:

  • All Canadian federal, province and city postings
  • Majority of “required for some” and “optional” postings, including those with industry requirements (e.g., construction, federal contractor, retail, transportation, etc.) and federal government contractor or employee concentration (e.g., Spanish-speaking employees)
  • Postings that require confidential or business-sensitive information, as outlined in a contract or federal grant

GovDocs Add-On Services and Single Postings:

GovDocs does offer additional Update Programs for Canada, federal contractors, federal defense contractors, Right to Work/E-Verify and Spanish.  Also, any posting not included in the Update Program can be purchased individually.

¹  The GovDocs Update Program is referred to as the “GovDocs Posting Information Update Subscription” in our legal agreement.

²  The eight (8) U.S. states included in Update Program are Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah. Coverage for all other states can be obtained via an add-on subscription for Right to Work/E-Verify.