7 Fast Facts About Paid Leave

Have you noticed the growth in complexity surrounding paid leave? Paid leave for any reason, paid sick time, paid family and medical leave… It’s a lot to track.

Check out our newest tip sheet for 7 Fast Facts About Paid Leave you may not know.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Fast Fact 3: In Emeryville, Calif., You Can Use Paid Sick Leave to Care for a Service Dog

While many jurisdictions allow employees to use paid sick leave to care for a relative or “covered relation” — a definition that is expanding in many places — Emeryville, Calif., has gone further. Workers there can stay home to care for their (or their family member’s) service/guide/signal dog.

Fast Fact 6: Do Employees Have to Give Employers a Reason for Their Time Off? Not in Nevada

Generally, workers must inform their employers about the reason for taking paid leave. But not in Nevada. The Nevada Paid Time Off law allows employees to take their time off without providing any reason to their employer. Sometimes, you need a day at the casino (or away from it, if you work there).

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