Why GovDocs?

We’re 100 Percent Focused on
Employment Law Compliance

At GovDocs, our sole focus is employment law compliance. With a dedicated team of attorneys and researchers, we strive to help large, multi-jurisdiction employers maintain compliance through our suite of software solutions, helping you solve the challenges of labor law postings, minimum wage and paid leave compliance.

One Platform. Three Solutions – All in One Place

The GovDocs Employment Law Compliance Platform combines three solutions – labor law postings, minimum wage and paid leave – in a single location, allowing you full visibility of your programs and simplifying your compliance processes. Our platform is easy to use, tailored for non-legal professionals and frees you up to focus on other essential matters.

Our Clients Are Instrumental
in Shaping Our Solutions

GovDocs is known as an industry innovator. Our new products are developed through regular discussions with some of the world’s largest employers. We also use client input to continually refine and enhance our existing products, helping us create solutions that provide value to HR and compliance teams and streamline their processes. Twice a year, we bring together industry experts through our Client Advisory Board, which helps us refine our existing products and bring new ones to market.

Employment Law and Compliance Team

Led by Jana Bjorklund, an employment law attorney with years of experience in the field, our Employment Law and Compliance team is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information, as well as looking ahead to new legislation and requirements, giving you peace of mind and reducing your risk of non-compliance. Combined, the group has nearly 80 years of employment law compliance experience.

Thought Leadership

GovDocs, an employment law compliance thought leader, provides a wealth of resources to help you stay on top of new laws and requirements. From blog posts to guides, tip sheets and whitepapers, we keep you informed with engaging and useful content. Plus, our quarterly webinars tackle the major issues facing employers now and in the future.

GovDocs Culture

At GovDocs, we believe in five core tenants – humility, effectiveness, adaptability, remarkability and transparency. These guiding principles keep us focused on client success, internal growth and community outreach. Founded in 1999, GovDocs continues to strive to reinvent the way companies remain complaint in the ever-changing employment law landscape.

Biodegradable Labor Law Posters

Sustainability Initiatives

GovDocs prints labor law posters on a new biodegradable material. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, this higher-quality synthetic material is water, tear, grease and chemical resistant. Many of our clients have strong environmental practices and sustainability initiatives in place, and our poster material aligns with those efforts.