Compliance Madness!

By Kris Janisch
Published March 20, 2023

Compliance Madness

As you’re enjoying the action on the court this March, remember the fundamentals of employment law to help you avoid Compliance Madness.

It might not bring the same kind of excitement as the action on the court, but some employment law issues can create Compliance Madness.

As college teams across the country hit the hardwood, we took the opportunity to list the top eight seeds for topics that most impact compliance and HR teams.

Consider it a (not so) Great Eight for compliance teams. You don’t want to put up an airball when it comes to these employment law matters.

Paid Leave

Sometimes, the game stops for an injury timeout. That can also happen to employees. Paid leave laws are expanding in number and complexity, earning this issue the No. 1 seed for Compliance Madness.

Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Basketball players have to get high to dunk. In states with legalized recreational marijuana, employers have to follow the laws pertaining to hiring practices, discrimination and not taking action against workers for off-hours use.

Minimum Wage

New rules about college athletes being paid for their name, image and likeness should remind employers of the new and updating minimum wage laws across the U.S. Tracking and applying these laws can put your teams into overtime.


Even the top college players must wait until they reach a certain age to turn pro (for now, anyway). And for employers, knowing age-discrimination laws should be as automatic as a free throw from your best shooter.

Pay Transparency

Like expanded tournament fields in recent years, there has also been a rise in the number of pay transparency laws across the U.S. Check out our March 2023 webinar, Clear as Mud: How to Comply with Pay Transparency Laws, for more information.

Labor Law Posters

Despite the rise of the three-pointer, teams know you still need to post up. Same thing for labor law posters. Required by law, labor law posters are your first line of defense in case of a complaint.

Equal Pay Laws

A swish is a swish, no matter who takes the shot. Equal pay laws, which bar employers from paying workers less based on sex, are growing. Most states have equal pay laws on the books.

Harassment Training

In the #MeToo era, you don’t want to put up an airball when it comes to requirements for harassment training. Several states, as well as New York City, require sexual harassment prevention training.


As you’re enjoying the action on the court this March, remember the fundamentals of employment law to help you avoid Compliance Madness!

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