Don’t Let These Dead Employment Law Practices Come Back to Haunt You

By Kelsey Basten

Published on October 30, 2018

Stuck in your old, spooky ways? Don’t be afraid! Take control of your employment law management program this Halloween by making sure these “dead” practices don’t come back to haunt you.

Managing Minimum Wage Rates Based on Labor Law Posters

First, simply paying employees the minimum wage rate on your labor law posters is not always enough to keep the non-compliance zombies away. Here’s why:

  • The minimum wage paid to employees may differ from the rate listed on the posting

A jurisdiction’s minimum wages are often based on employer-specific factors, which may be found in the legislation and/or regulations – not on the posting itself. This may include a number of employees, company revenue and more.

  • Postings also don’t account for specific minimum wage-related scenarios

You may need to determine the applicable wage when multiple jurisdiction minimum wage laws exist, such as a different rate for state, county and/or city. Also, you need to consider opt-outs (like Cook County, Ill.) or geographic boundaries.

  • The timing of a minimum wage law’s effective date and the release of its respective posting may differ

Some jurisdictions have planned minimum wage rate increases that are defined for the next several years. However, a minimum wage poster generally only shows one year at a time. This makes it difficult for your compensation, finance and other teams involved to plan for future labor budgets.

So, what’s the solution? GovDocs Minimum Wage, a web-based app that provides up-to-date minimum wage rate and related details for each of your company locations.

You’re Spending Unnecessary Time Downloading and Distributing Electronic Poster Files to Remote Workers

Next, as you know, remote workers must also have access to labor law postings. Often, companies will use an electronic poster file service to download and distribute labor law posters to these employees.

However, that means you must spend hours downloading the content and sending it to each individual location. Plus, you never know when a poster could update, meaning you’re constantly checking the files to see if they need to be redistributed.

With the GovDocs Intranet Poster Program, employees can view the most current labor law posters in real time. Plus, whenever a change occurs, the posting is updated automatically, saving you valuable time and resources!

You’re Not Outsourcing Your Labor Law Poster Compliance Program

Last, with the increase in labor laws at the state, county and city levels, it’s challenging for large employers to keep track of all the labor law posting requirements for each of their locations. Many companies try to handle it in-house, but what happens when it becomes too much to manage? Do you have the resources to track and distribute posters in an accurate and timely manner?

These processes leave companies asking:

  • Did my locations receive the last federal labor law poster update?
  • Are my posters still compliant?
  • Do I have all the required labor law posters?
  • How do I know whether a labor law poster is required?

With an all-in-one compliance program, your company could save time, money and resources better spent elsewhere. At GovDocs, we can help. Learn more about the GovDocs Update Program.

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