Family Matters

As more and more jurisdictions enact paid leave laws, there are more and more variations among them. And that includes what constitutes a “covered relation.”

Our infographic, Family Matters, gives you a look at how some lawmakers have crafted paid leave legislation in the era of the modern family. Is a covered relation a close relative, a child (no matter how old he or she is) or even a family member’s service dog?

The complexity of paid leave laws continues to grow, and the definition of family member is just part of the challenge for employers and HR professionals. Our infographic provides a snapshot of how these laws are written and what companies must do to maintain compliance. Some of the more unique examples of a family member under current paid leave laws include:

  • Service dogs
  • Children of any age
  • Designated family member
Family Matters Paid Leave Infographic April 2020 Definition of Covered relation