Labor Law Poster Spotlight: Important New Posters from California, Virginia, and D.C.

By Dana Holle, GovDocs Associate Counsel
Employment Law and Compliance
Published June 13, 2024
June Labor Law Poster Spotlight

A highlight of several recent labor law poster releases that employers should know about, brought to you by the GovDocs Employment Law and Compliance Team.   

In this monthly series, the GovDocs Employment Law and Compliance Team highlights three recent labor law poster releases that employers need to know about.  

San Francisco Minimum Wage Poster 

San Francisco requires employers to display the most local-level labor law postings in the country. Among these requirements is the San Francisco Minimum Wage Poster, which was updated to include the new minimum wage of $18.67, effective on July 1, 2024. In addition, San Francisco also provided an updated sub-minimum wage rate of $16.51 for “government supported employees,” or employees under 18 years or over 55 years old at government-subsidized non-profit organizations. As a reminder, the minimum wage applies to employees who work two or more hours per week within San Francisco. 

Under San Francisco’s minimum wage ordinance, employers are required to display the poster in English, Spanish, Chinese, and any other language spoken by at least 5% of the employees at a specific workplace location. Fortunately, the required poster provides the minimum wage rate information in English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Russian, and Vietnamese.  

The GovDocs Update Program is currently shipping new posters out to impacted customer locations in San Francisco.  

Virginia’s Unemployment Insurance Poster 

The Notice to Workers (Unemployment Insurance) Poster was updated at the beginning of May. In addition to several updates to verbiage and language throughout the poster, Virginia notably added what information must be provided by unemployed workers in order to apply for unemployment insurance benefits. Specifically, the poster states that a full legal name, social security number, and authorization to work if not a U.S. citizen or resident, must be provided.  

Further, the poster added a new section informing employers that effective March 14, 2024, they must provide a copy of the Notice to Workers (Unemployment Insurance) Poster to each worker at the time of separation in accordance with federal law.  

In addition to shipping new posters out to Virginia locations, online access to digital versions of this poster and other Virginia posters can be obtained via the GovDocs Intranet Poster Program 

Washington D.C.’s Minimum Wage Poster 

Among the several local minimum wage poster updates made recently, Washington D.C. also updated its Minimum Wage Poster to reflect the new wage rates going into effect on July 1, 2024. Specifically, the poster updated to include the $17.50 per hour minimum wage rate for employees who do not receive tips and the $10.00 base wage for employees who receive tips, increasing from $17.00 and $8.00, respectively.  

For more information on D.C.’s minimum wage rate, make sure to check out the updated 2024 State Minimum Wage Rate blog on GovDocs.  

In addition to the minimum wage update, D.C. also removed several overtime exceptions from the posting, leaving the following language:  

“The overtime provision does not apply to persons employed: 

  1. In a bona fide executive, administrative, professional, computer, or outside sales capacity.
  2. As a seaman, railroad worker, or newspaper carrier.
  3. By an air carrier employee who voluntarily exchanges workdays with another employee for the primary purpose of utilizing air travel benefits available to these employees. 
  4. As a salesperson, parts salesperson, or mechanic primarily engaged in selling or servicing automobiles, trailers, or trucks if employed by a non-manufacturing establishment primarily engaged in the business of selling these vehicles to final purchasers.”

Both GovDocs Update Program and Spanish Update Program customers will receive the above applicable posters for their D.C. locations before the effective date of July 1, 2024.  


Prior to July 1, 2024, several jurisdictions across the United States are releasing new minimum wage posters for display at workplace locations. However, labor law poster updates are not just limited to minimum wage changes as shown by the Virginia unemployment insurance poster update. Stay on top of labor law poster updates, including changes to both minimum wage and other employment laws, with the GovDocs Employment Law Compliance Platform. 

This Employment Law News blog is intended for market awareness only, it is not to be used for legal advice or counsel.

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