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State minimum wage rates

While not as busy as the first of the year (or Dec. 31, as is the case in New York), there are state minimum wage rates that update July 1 each year. The middle of the year is typically a busy time for minimum wage updates, but most of those happen at the county and city level. Still, employers that operate across the U.S. need to monitor state rates at this time of year, including Washington, D.C.

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Minimum wage guide

With the federal minimum wage unchanged since 2009, cities and counties across the nation have stepped in to set their own rates. On July 1, 2022, more than 50 counties and cities will increase their minimum wage rates. To stay on top of the changes, check out our guide, County and City Minimum Wage Rate Increases: July 1, 2022. You will find a full list of new rates for large employers.

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GovDocs Minimum Wage Demo

What’s the toughest part of managing minimum wage rates? Applying the correct jurisdiction’s rate to each location? Tracking new and changing minimum wage laws? Finding time to juggle this research among dozens of other responsibilities? All of the above? Join us for a short demo of GovDocs Minimum Wage, our minimum wage rate management solution, to see how we can make your process easier.

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