New 2015 Las Cruces Minimum Wage

The City of Las Cruces, New Mexico announced a new minimum wage ordinance effective January 1, 2015. Employers covered by the ordinance are required to pay a minimum wage rate of $8.40 per hour in 2015.

Las Cruces Minimum Wage Increasing in Stages to $10.10

The Las Cruces minimum wage rate will increase in stages to $10.10 by 2019. The initial rate of $8.40 per hour remains in effect until 2017 when the rate increases to $9.20 per hour before achieving the $10.10 per hour rate in 2019.

Las Cruces Minimum Wage Rate Indexed to Cost of Living

The City of Las Cruces’ minimum wage ordinance takes the unusual step of adjusting the minimum wage rate based on the cost of living as determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) beginning January 1, 2018, which is before the rate reaches the 2019 increase to $10.10. In other words, 2018 may see another “in-between” increase, and the 2019 stated rate of $10.10 could also be adjusted for CPI.

Seeing that this an unusual approach compared to other city and state indexing practice, the GovDocs Research Department is confirming with the City that the ordinance states the anticipated date of rate indexing.

UPDATE 1/9/2015: GovDocs has confirmed with the City of Las Cruces that the inconsistency regarding the ordinance language around indexing in 2018 will need to be addressed by the City Council. The ordinance may change as a result, but this will have no bearing on the 2015 minimum wage or the 2015 minimum wage posting that Las Cruces workplaces must display.

Las Cruces Minimum Wage and Tipped Minimum Wage Schedule

Employers must pay workers who earn tips at least 40 percent of the regular Las Cruces minimum wage rate. The table below provides information for both the non-tipped minimum wage and minimum wage for tipped workers in Las Cruces.

Las Cruces Minimum Wage Schedule

YEAR Non-Tipped Tipped
2015 $8.40 $3.36
2016 $8.40 $3.36
2017 $9.20 $3.68
2018 $9.20* $3.68*
2019 $10.10* $4.04*

*Scheduled indexing to begin January 1, 2018 may affect rate level.

Las Cruces Minimum Wage Poster

Las Cruces businesses must display the City of Las Cruces Minimum Wage Ordinance Notice in English and in Spanish. The current minimum wage notice contains only the 2015 minimum wage rate information and will be revised for the next increase for 2017. Workplaces must display the notices in a conspicuous location.

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