Seattle, Wa., Passes Secure Scheduling Ordinance

September 27, 2016

The Seattle City Council passed a new Secure Scheduling Ordinance, which limits the occurrence of unknown and unpredictable work schedules, providing notice and potential compensation for work schedule changes.

What Companies Are Affected?

The ordinance, passed Sept. 19, applies to large food services and retail establishments. “Large” defines companies who employ 500 or more employees (in Seattle or nationwide), including franchises collectively. In addition, full-service restaurants must have 40 or more locations (including franchises) worldwide to be included under the law.

According to GovDocs Compliance Counsel Anne Jakala, Esq., Seattle’s Secure Scheduling law is similar to San Francisco’s Formula Retail Workers Bill of Rights (July 2015).

Posting and Notice Requirements

The new law requires a posting in English, as well as in the primary language(s) spoken by employees in each location. Employers (as described above) must display it in a conspicuous and accessible place for employees.

The posting is not available from the city at this time. GovDocs will continue to monitor its status and provide an update once available, most likely closer to the July 1, 2017 effective date.

For More Information

See the Seattle Office of Labor Standards Secure Scheduling Ordinance.

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