Go Green With GovDocs

At GovDocs, we take pride in helping our clients achieve success in employment law compliance management. We also take pride in knowing these same clients are making strides toward environmental sustainability.

What part do we play? Our labor law posters are printed on a sustainable yet durable material to meet the needs of our clients and the environment.

Our customers’ environmental goals are important to us. Efforts to increase sustainability — reducing carbon footprints, improving technology and creating greener processes — are making a difference. The eco-friendly GovDocs poster material is better for the environment, helps support our clients’ sustainability initiatives, and reflects our values of being socially responsible.


GovDocs’ labor law posters are 100% biodegradable. Once discarded in a landfill, they immediately begin to break down. Compared to a laminated poster, which takes an estimated 1,500 years to degrade, the new material greatly reduces the impact on the environment.

Biodegradable Labor Law Posters
Biodegradable Labor Law Posters


Our poster material is designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear inside – or outside – the location. Posters are tear-, water-, grease-, chemical- and even UV ray-resistant, perfect for outdoor areas. Plus, the edges won’t curl, delaminate or fray over time.


Posters are shipped folded flat in an envelope, which reduces packaging AND significantly increases delivery performance (reducing return shipments and reorder expenses).

Biodegradable Labor Law Posters
Biodegradable Labor Law Posters


Say goodbye to laminated poster glare! Our posters’ matte finish provides an easier reader experience, particularly under fluorescent lighting, while the updated three-column layout allows employees to quickly scan individual postings.