Florida Increases 2015 Minimum Wage

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) announced an increase of the Florida minimum wage to $8.05 per hour effective January 1, 2015.

The new rate of $8.05 per hour represents a 1.5 percent increase over the previous rate of $7.93. The minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida is $5.03 beginning January 1, 2015.

Why Does the Florida Minimum Wage Keep Changing?

Florida adjusts the state minimum wage annually based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as part of the Florida Minimum Wage Act. Since 2005 when Florida began indexing its minimum wage rate for adjustments due to inflation, the rate has increased an average of fifteen cents per year.

Indexing the State’s minimum wage rate for inflation does not necessarily guarantee a minimum wage increase each year. Florida’s minimum wage remained the same for three years beginning in 2009 when Florida’s rate defaulted to the Federal minimum wage rate of $7.25.




Minimum Wage in Florida and the South

Florida is the only Southern state in the U.S. whose minimum wage is higher than the Federal rate. According to a Pew Research study, 6.3 percent of hourly workers in the South make the federal minimum or less. Overall, workers earning a mandated minimum wage are more likely to live in the South than in other regions.

Florida 2015 Minimum Wage Poster

Beginning January 1, 2015, employers with locations in Florida will need to display the most current version of the Florida Minimum Wage posting, which is required for all employers. The posting along with others required for employers in Florida are part of the GovDocs Florida Compliance Poster Packages. Florida employers can save 20% on all workplace poster purchases using GovDocs coupon code 2015MIN.

The Florida Minimum Wage posting and other required postings are included as part of the GovDocs Florida Compliance Poster Packages that include:

  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Child Labor Law
  • Discrimination
  • Minimum Wage



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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Recently became employed by EconoLodge in Perry,Fla.The owner said my beginning wage would be 8.00 an hour.I was hired for front desk clerk but instead of training me for that she put me to work cleaning,mopping floors etc.She told me then they needed me more in housekeeping than up front and proceeded to tell me I would be paid 3.00$ per room.At that point I said “No mam’,I will not work for 3.00 a room and told her I was leaving.She then,told me that for the 5 days I was there I would be paid 7.80 per hour,not the original 8.00$ agreed upon and could pick up my check Saturday or Sunday.During my short time behind the clerks desk I also noticed several activities going on that were illegal such as charging extra on credit cards for corporate guests who receive discounts for their stays.I’am not sure who to go to with this but feel I’ve been sorely discriminated against and do not feel it’s right for guests to be charged for over-staying,which by the way,they didn’t.Nor for me to have been working and her cutting me an hour short.Though she was right beside me.Thanks,Lisa

    • Chaunce Stanton
      Chaunce Stanton says:

      Hi Lisa, sorry to hear about your wage challenges!

      Employers in Florida are required to pay workers at least a minimum wage of $8.05 (in 2015) “…for all hours worked”. (See the Florida Minimum Wage statute here: http://bit.ly/1GDeZoC.
      That state statute defers to the Federal FLSA for certain exemptions, and your former employer would need to provide a very clear idea of why their establishment is exempt (but they should have already explained that to you when discussing wages prior to your employment).

      If you’re convinced that you were not paid fairly and in accordance with the Florida Minimum Wage statute, contact an employment law attorney. The Florida Statute allows workers to take action: first by notifying the employer in writing. The notice must identify the minimum wage to which the person aggrieved claims entitlement, the actual or estimated work dates and hours for which payment is sought, and the total amount of alleged unpaid wages through the date of the notice. This allows the employer a chance to respond within 15 days. Thereafter, if still unresolved you could claim your wages and attorney’s fees should the case go to court. (That’s where you’ll need that attorney!)

      Let us know what you hear!

  2. Todd Roberts
    Todd Roberts says:

    I don’t see how anybody can make an honest living on anything less than $ 9.00 an hour. Min wage in this state is a JOKE. No workers rights because it’s a “right to work state”. Workers have no rights. Work 6 days a week and still they expect overtime. WTFever people. STAY AWAY FROM FLORIDA! THIS PLACE IS OVER-RATED.

  3. Theresa Bell
    Theresa Bell says:

    Hello Mr. Stanton,
    I cannot seem to find out if long time employees (my mom) who has worked the same job for 20 years. She only gets paid 8.19hr! So she only gets 14 cents more an hour than a new hire? She’s 85, broke her shoulder last year at work. Just her & I have worked over 100 years & this our 1st claim (I say “our” because I have had to be her advocate, hard of hearing, which I contribute working an industrial dishwasher for that long). She/we are not complainers or sue happy, but I am seriously considering challenging the WC Insurers for lack of medical care, as she is worse off now a year & half later. 5 – 5 minute appts. w/ their specialists (1000 miles on the road for me!) & 2 months of physical therapy. I would not wish WC on my worse enemy! So they just sent 3 extra checks ( I won’t cash) 1st one noting wages & the other 2 no noting? 200.00+, a 100.00+ one & a 25.00+ one I am assuming the 25.00 one is for interest for not properly paying her. My question being, Shouldn’t a 20 year employee get the same COLA increases as the minimum wages does? If you have insight on FL WC law, Please elaborate! In 2013 she was paid 8.11 an hour, 2014 8.19 an hour. I can remember 1 year she got like a 3 cent an hour raise, that is just disgraceful but at her age she doesn’t make waves because who will hire an 84 year old!
    Thanks for the forum & any input you may afford me!
    Respectfully, Theresa

    • Chaunce Stanton
      Chaunce Stanton says:

      Hi Theresa, sounds like you and your mother are both real troopers. I’m sorry to hear that your mother is having such a difficult time. I know that must be frustrating for you both. As to the COLA increases: sadly, there is no part of the minimum wage indexed (COLA) increases that pertains to workers other than minimum wage workers – not unless the bottom wage rises high enough to float your mother’s current wage up. (And that’s not limited to just Florida.)

      Many businesses offer yearly raises that are based on company performance and/or worker performance. Judging from your response, your mother doesn’t work for one of those businesses. As you say, “who will hire an 84 year old” – that is the sad truth, in spite of laws against age discrimination. If your mother enjoys working (some people do) then she is fortunate to still be able to work, so that’s the good news.

      I hope that you’re able to navigate the worker’s comp claim so that your mother gets better soon. Good luck, Theresa!

      • Theresa Bell
        Theresa Bell says:

        Thank you sir! Sad thing is she cannot work any longer due to a broken shoulder last year. That is the worst part, she doesn’t know anything else, cannot drive anymore. So from 65 years of working & being independent to now being dependent! I guess they just gave her a raise then? But Statutes under 440. says you pay freezes, so guess we shouldn’t complain! I just humbly asked (which was so hard for me, just because the past year & a half of dealing w/ them) to give her a lump sum instead of dragging this out, or using my ace in the hole, 1 time change of Dr. The damage is already done! This way she could pay off the home that should have been off next year, but the monies weren’t there, so I refinanced, co-signing because my home is free & clear. It cut her payments in half, but I don’t doubt she’ll live to be 100 so she’d be stuck paying the mgt. when the max of 5 years is up. I even apologized for previous issues we had, LoL. A whole other story! I shot them a link to Fl State occupation wages i.e. entry exp. 25th %tile etc. & She was being paid less then entry for same job in 2010. Maybe they’ll up it or I just ticked them off? But I’ve beat MetLife, Sun Bank & even an Attn. by ALJ decision, LoL he reputed my counter saying I don’t know the law, but it took him 3 pages to TRY & convince the Judge! So never Give Up!
        Thanks Again

  4. Tina
    Tina says:

    I have a ? In the state of fl the minimum wage went up 5 cents in January of 2015 and I just started seeing it on my check in May. Is that illegal or do employees have so much time to start paying you that? Please help

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