Labor Law Posting Compliance Outsourcing Kit

Labor law posting compliance has shifted from simple to complex. And so too has internal management.

If your company is planning to outsource your program, check out our Labor Law Posting Compliance Outsourcing Kit to help you with the process.

The Labor Law Posting Compliance Outsourcing Kit

Follow along with our kit to help ease the transition from in-house management of your labor law posting program to an outside vendor. Here, you’ll find all the resources you need to get started, including:

  1. Sample Planning Meeting Agenda

Outlining objectives, building a project plan, determining your program’s current status and future needs, and identifying potential questions and concerns.

  1. Developing Your Labor Law Posting Compliance Program Requirements

Determine which jurisdictions, languages and formats you’ll need, plus audit tools and shipment options.

  1. 13 Questions to Ask Your Labor Law Posting Compliance Vendor

From program resources to communication, location-level tools and more, these 13 questions provide clarity for the type of program you need and which vendor will meet your requirements.

  1. Request for Proposal Template

Finally, our kit includes a customizable template for you to send potential vendors and receive details on their programs and services. This is a more formal document and gives you the opportunity to dig into the details of a vendor’s ability to ensure your company’s posting program remains compliant.

Labor Law Posting Outsourcing kit

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