Labor Law Posting Compliance Outsourcing Kit

As labor law posting compliance has shifted from simple to complex, so too has internal management. The result? More and more companies making the shift to outsourcing their labor law posting compliance program. However, how do you ensure a smooth and seamless transition?

The Labor Law Posting Compliance Outsourcing Kit

Worry no more! We’ve created the following Labor Law Posting Compliance Outsourcing Kit to help you transition from an in-house to an outsourced program. Inside, you’ll find all the necessary resources to get started, including:

  1. Sample Planning Meeting Agenda

We’ve created an outline of what you need to discuss and meeting objectives, such as discussing the project background, developing a project plan and identifying any questions or concerns.

  1. Labor Law Posting Compliance Program Requirements

This is where you’ll determine which jurisdictions, languages and formats you’ll need, as well as audit tools and shipment details.

  1. 13 Questions to Ask Your Labor Law Posting Compliance Vendors

This resource provides 13 essential questions to ask early in the vendor research process and help you narrow your vendor candidates.

  1. Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

We’ve created a template to customize and send to your potential vendors for more details on their programs and services. This is a more formal document that will help you determine which vendor best meets your labor law posting compliance needs.

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