New California Transgender Rights Law Passed with Posting Requirement

By Kelsey Basten

Published on October 24, 2017

California Governor Brown signed the Transgender Work Opportunity Act Oct. 15. The new law makes California the first state to require workplace training that will help transgender workers overcome a high unemployment rate and increase inclusiveness in the workplace.

The Transgender Work Opportunity Act amends the existing sexual harassment training requirement of the Fair Housing and Employment Act to include training on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation for supervisors at companies with more than 50 employees.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has developed a required posting for this new law. Like all required labor law postings, employers must display it in a conspicuous area for all employees.

The effective posting date has not been released. However, GovDocs will be keeping an eye on this law as it is developed further.

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GovDocs will provide the posting as part of the GovDocs Update Program once the official posting requirement date is available.

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