Terms of Use – COVID-19 Postings

GovDocs provided postings in response to COVID-19 (collectively “COVID-19 Postings”) are being provided for individual purchase basis only.

Customers purchasing COVID-19 Postings will be subject to these terms of use.

GovDocs is not providing any professional advice in relation to these postings, including, but not limited to guidance on specific requirements for a specific Customer or specific physical location. Customers should be aware that public health orders, executive orders, etc. may revise the period for which a given posting must be displayed.

The Physical Postings purchased in this Poster Order are not considered part of the GovDocs Subscription services and are therefore excluded from the GovDocs Guarantee. If a COVID-19 Posting sent to a Customer contains outdated or incorrect information as of the applicable date of delivery, then GovDocs will replace the COVID-19 Posting. No additional representations, warranties or remedies are provided for the COVID-19 Postings.

GovDocs is only actively tracking and updating postings released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Federal and State level postings will be researched on a periodic basis.  County and City level postings are outside of periodic research and will therefore be provided only as discovered.   GovDocs will present results of research on COVID-19 postings on our website: www.govdocs.com