Groundhog Day: 6 Things HR Pros Have to Do Over, and Over, and Over…

By Kris Janisch
Published Feb. 4, 2020

Groundhog Day for HR

Even with the constant changes in HR, some duties can leave you feeling like a certain movie character. Didn’t I just do this?

With Groundhog Day in the rearview mirror, did it remind you of tasks that keep coming up again, and again, and again. Even with the constant changes in HR, some duties can leave you feeling like a certain movie character. Didn’t I just do this? It’s HR déjà vu.

With that in mind, here are six things HR pros feel like they have to do on repeat.


You developed a sexual harassment training program. You put your executive team through it.

Now, the state passes new legislation saying you have to do it all over again. Who needs the training? Managers only or all employees? What about the frequency? Didn’t we just do this?

The requirements of the law and senior leadership may put you through a spin cycle of training seminars. The repeated preparation for and execution of sessions might have you feeling like it’s your own personal Groundhog Day.

Update Labor Law Postings

Didn’t I just ask my location manager to display the new workers’ compensation posting for Utah? Oh, the labor department’s contact information was updated. Guess we need a new one.

Labor law postings change frequently, which can leave you feeling like it’s the most repetitive of tasks, especially if you’re in charge of dozens of locations across the country.

These postings are often your first line of defense in case of an employee complaint. Though it may seem monotonous (another one of those Groundhog Day-like responsibilities), it’s something you must keep an eye on as an HR pro. GovDocs Update Program, anyone?


An opening comes up in your company. You update the job description, post it to the appropriate websites and fend off recruiters banging down your door.

But once you find the perfect candidate, they back out at the last moment. The process starts again.

With low unemployment rates nationwide, and the rise of “ghosting” among job prospects, recruitment is another one of the HR pro’s responsibilities that seemingly never comes to an end.

Updating Employees’ Paid Leave Status

Your company opened new stores in Maine and Nevada. Three months later, the manager brought on three new people. What was the waiting period before employees could start using paid leave?

Plenty of jurisdictions now have their own requirements for paid leave. Tracking accrual rates, recordkeeping, seasonal vs. full-time… It’s the kind of thing you feel that you’re doing over and over again.

Plus, there are currently hundreds of paid leave bills under consideration in states across the country. Keeping up with paid leave might make you want to crawl back into your burrow for six weeks.

Check out GovDocs Paid Leave, coming soon.

Compensation Research

In a tight job market, getting your hands on competitive compensation data for specific markets can be pivotal when it comes to hiring the right candidate.

But many young professionals are also job-hopping more than their predecessors, which can lead to more research for HR teams. If you have employees in cities across the country, compensation research can become tiresome.

And repetitive.

Minimum Wage Checks

Will minimum wage in Los Angeles County update this summer? Or was it Jan. 1?

With the federal minimum wage unchanged since 2009, states, counties and cities are setting their own rates. Dozens of rate increases take place at the start and middle of each year, and there are a few that update during odd months like October.

Managing rates can be a constant challenge, especially if your locations have industry-specific requirements. Yet another job responsibility that seems to come up repeatedly.

Give GovDocs Minimum Wage a try!


So, how do you turn those Groundhog Day moments around?

There are tools available to help you overcome your HR déjà vu. Contact GovDocs to see how we can simplify your employment law compliance efforts.

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