How to Break Up with Spreadsheets

Do you ever wish you could let go of your toxic relationship with spreadsheets and manually tracking employment law updates? Here are five tips for you to move past those unwieldy cells and columns, and find greener pastures.

It might be time to break up with spreadsheets when:

  • You know something just doesn’t feel right.
  • You ask yourself, “Who entered this data? When?”
  • Is a typo costing you money on minimum wage? (Or worse, setting you up for a lawsuit?)

The first step in breaking up with spreadsheets is admitting there may be a problem. Plus, once you have a serious issue with a spreadsheet, it can be hard to fix.

Like a relationship turned sour, sometimes it takes a bit of introspection before you move on. Are spreadsheets making your job easier? Or are you dreading the moments you have together? Assess what you need out of your employment law compliance processes to see if spreadsheets are really the right direction for your future. You might need a more robust, dynamic partner.

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