Indiana Updates Teen Worker Hour Restrictions, Posting Update

Published Sept. 10, 2015

Indiana Updates Teen Worker Hour Restrictions

New changes to the Indiana administrative code require employers to replace previous versions of the Teen Work Hour Restrictions poster.

The Indiana Department of Labor released a revised version of the Teen Work Hour Restrictions posting reflecting changes to Indiana administrative code (610 IAC 10). The largest changes affect the number of hours per day and per week allowed for 16- and 17-year-old employees.

Indiana Teen Worker Parental Permission Changes

With parental permission, workers aged 16 and 17 may work up to 9 hours per day and up to 40 hours per week during the school year and 48 hours per week during the non-school year.

As in the previous version, high school graduates and drop-outs aged 16 or older are exempt from work-hour limits, but the worker must provide documentation to the employer.

Indiana Teen Work Permits

Nearly all minors (14 through 17) in Indiana are still required to obtain a work permit, except when the:

  • Worker is a high school graduate
  • Worker is legally emancipated
  • Worker is a performer, actor or model
  • Parent is the sole proprietor of the business
  • Worker is a home-schooled student (home-schooled students must obtain work permits from accredited high schools)

Most Common Employer Violation of Indiana Teen Work Requirements? Breaks

According to the Indiana Department of Labor, the most common violation by Indiana employers with teen workers is not providing adequate breaks. Teen workers are allowed either one 30-minute break or two 15-minute breaks for every six-hour shift.

Indiana Teen Work Hour Restrictions Posting Requirements

The revised posting is required for all employers who employ minors, and it must be displayed in a conspicuous place in the business where employee notices are customarily posted.

Indiana Schedule of Posting Violation Fines

Indiana has developed a schedule of posting violations for covered locations that do not post the notice or post an outdated version.

  • First violation – warning
  • Second violation – $50
  • Third violation – $75
  • Each instance thereafter – $100

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