New Minimum Wage Labor Law Posters: July 1, 2024

By Hannah Opheim
GovDocs Compliance Paralegal
Published June 25, 2024
New Minimum Wage Labor Law Posters for July 1 2024

Find the information you need on the midyear minimum wage poster updates for July 1, 2024.

July 1, 2024, is fast approaching, and with that comes new minimum wage rates. These hot new summer rates will impact jurisdictions at the state, county, and city levels. With these new changes, jurisdictions will also be updating their labor law posters to reflect these updates. 

This article highlights the jurisdictions that will require new labor law posters to be posted, to reflect these new standard minimum wage rate updates.  

Latest Minimum Wage Labor Law Posters: July 1, 2024

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of labor law posters, our County and City Minimum Wage Guide and State Minimum Wage Guide will provide a thorough outline of all new minimum wage rates.  

Now let’s take a look at the new, midyear minimum wage labor law posters for July 1, 2024.

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District of Columbia 

Washington D.C. has increased its minimum wage rate for July 1, 2024, to the following:  

  • Standard rate: $17.50 
  • Tipped rate: $10.00 

D.C.’s Minimum Wage Poster is required to be displayed by all employers in the District. The poster not only includes the minimum wage rate schedule in effect, but also provisions pertaining to uniforms, meals, deductions, etc.  

Los Angeles County, Calif. 

Los Angeles County has increased its minimum wage rate for July 1, 2024, to the following: 

  • $17.27 

Employers must be aware that this rate only applies to those locations falling in the unincorporated areas. The Los Angeles County Unincorporated Minimum Wage poster provides employees with past wage rates, notice that retaliation is illegal, notice that employees have a right to file a complaint, etc. 

California cities minimum wage breakdown

Employers should be aware that California does not provide a separate tipped wage rate for employees who receive tips.  

Jurisdiction  Minimum Wage Rate 
Alameda, Calif.  $17.00 
Berkeley, Calif.   $18.67 
Emeryville, Calif.  $19.36 
Fremont, Calif.  $17.30 
Los Angeles, Calif.  $17.28 
Milpitas, Calif.  $17.70 
Pasadena, Calif.  $17.50 
San Francisco, Calif.  $18.67 
Santa Monica, Calif.   $17.27
Malibu, Calif.  $17.27 

West Hollywood, Calif. 

Employers in West Hollywood should be advised that the minimum wage rate for July 1, 2024, will remain $19.08, which was increased back on July 1, 2023.  

The West Hollywood Minimum Wage poster is required by all employers to display. The poster not only includes the wage rate, but includes leave provisions, as well as information on how to file a complaint if an employee feels their rights are being violated.  

Chicago, IL 

Chicago is always a hot-button city for July minimum wage updates. Effective July 1, 2024, the minimum wage will be as follows: 

  • Standard rate: $16.20 
  • Tipped rate: $11.02

There are also new changes to Chicago this year. Previously, Chicago followed a “large” and “small” employer scale when it came to paying their employees appropriately. However, that is not the case any further as employers must pay the minimum of $16.20 per hour no matter the size of the employer. 

The Chicago Labor Standards poster provides employees with information on current wages, wage theft, human trafficking, complaint filing, and additional contact information should an employee need further support. 

Cook County, IL 

  • Standard rate: $14.05 
  • Tipped rate: No change

The Cook County Minimum Wage poster provides employees with the current wage, tipped wage, covered employee/employer information, and complaint filing information.

For more information about Cook County, check out our blog on the updated Cook County Minimum Wage rates for July 1, 2024.

Montgomery County, MD 

  • Large: $17.15  
  • Midsize: $15.50 
  • Small: No change

Montgomery County aims to provide the most information they can to employees on the Montgomery County Minimum Wage poster, with wage rates, wage rate information, overtime requirements, exemption status requirements, and complaint filing process information.  

Minneapolis, MN 

  • Large: No change 
  • Small: $15.57

Employers should know that the wages for July 1, 2024, on the Minneapolis minimum wage poster were added back in January and they should not expect an updated poster for July. 

St. Paul, MN 

  • Macro: No change 
  • Large: $15.57 
  • Small: $14.00 
  • Micro: $12.25

Employers should know that the wages for July 1, 2024, on the St. Paul minimum wage poster were added back in October and they should not expect an updated poster for July. 


Nevada has increased their minimum wage rate for July 1, 2024, to the following: 

  • $12.00 

Employers should be aware that effective July 1, 2024, Nevada will eliminate the two-tier minimum wage. Employers will be obligated to pay $12.00 whether they offer qualifying health benefits or not. This new standard was approved on the November 8, 2022, election by voters approving Ballot Question 2.  

For more information on the impacts of Ballot Question 2 on the poster, please see the May edition of the Labor Law Poster Spotlight blog.  


Below are the three wage increases effective July 1, 2024, for the state of Oregon: 

  • Portland Metro: $15.95 
  • Standard: $14.70 
  • Non-urban: $13.70

Due to the complexity of Oregon’s minimum wage, employers should pay extra attention to their locations when implementing wages for their employees. 

Oregon’s Minimum Wage poster provides easy-to-read and understand information on the wage rates in the three jurisdictions of the Portland Metro, Standard, and Non-Urban boundaries. And while applying the appropriate wage may be complex, the poster is not.  

Tukwila, Wash. 

  • Large: No change 
  • Mid-Size: $19.29

Employers should know that the wages for July 1, 2024, on the Tukwila Labor Standards poster have already been added back in December and should not expect an updated poster for July. 


With minimum wage laws in a continual state of change, GovDocs’ Minimum Wage management platform provides solutions to help employers combat these often complex updates so they can remain in compliance across jurisdictional boundaries. 

GovDocs also offers a simple and easy way to ensure you stay in compliance with labor law posters with our Labor Law Poster Program. Audits are on the rise this summer, so ensure that you don’t end up in the hot seat! 


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