Don’t Get Stuck: Steer Clear of Labor Law Posting Update Stickers

Labor Law Posting Update Stickers

By Kelsey Basten

Published on August 7, 2018

Ever heard of labor law posting update stickers? Basically, they are labor law postings in sticker form, which are applied to an existing poster whenever a posting update occurs. Sounds like a hassle, right? Here are a few reasons why they don’t belong in your compliance program:

They’re Messy and Hard to Read

Unless you’re extremely careful, the posting update sticker may look messy on the poster. And, if there are multiple posting updates on the same poster, it will be harder to read.

A labor law poster update subscription, however, provides an entirely new labor law poster to affected locations whenever a mandatory change occurs. This avoids the confusion of where to place the sticker, and you’ll know the entire poster is 100% compliant.

Peeling and Posting is Time-Consuming

Although you may get notified by your vendor about the poster update, you still might have to place the order on your own. This can add hours to your task list each month. Then, you must notify your locations with updates and follow up with them to ensure they properly display the new posting update sticker.

On a poster update subscription program, your locations receive updated posters automatically. There is no ordering, organizing or communication required on your end.

Location Managers May Not Post the Updates

You send your location managers the updated sticker, but you can’t be sure they post it correctly, if at all. The sticker might arrive in a package that doesn’t look like a regular labor law poster, so it could be mistaken for junk mail or lost with other packages in the back room.

With a poster update subscription program, you can track shipments and usually add a reminder that will require location managers to open and display the poster.

Compliance is Hard to Track

Tracking the compliance of your poster is made even more difficult with posting sticker updates. For example, if the original poster has an April 2018 posting date, and a few of the postings have been updated since then, the individual postings might have different dates for compliance than the poster itself.

With an entirely new poster provided to applicable locations with a poster update subscription program, there are no conflicting dates. Instead, there is one, simple earliest date for compliance for the entire poster.


Labor law posting update stickers shouldn’t have a place in your compliance program. Not only are they time-consuming, but they also are messy, hard to read, and may not be compliant. Instead, you should turn to a labor law poster update service, such as the GovDocs Update Program, to gain confidence in your labor law compliance program once again.

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