Emeryville, Calif. Sets Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave

Published on July 27, 2015

The City of Emeryville, California released a new required workplace posting for the City’s new minimum wage and paid sick leave ordinances.

Home to Pixar Animation Studios, Jamba Juice, and GovDocs customer Peet’s Coffee & Tea, the City of Emeryville established a citywide minimum wage and paid sick leave provisions that are more rigorous than those required by the State of California.

There are three key provisions of the City’s new law:

  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Hospitality Service Charges

Emeryville’s new ordinance took effect July 2, 2015. You can read more about each component of the new law below.

Emeryville Minimum Wage

Emeryville Minimum Wage

Businesses with 55 or fewer employees working within the geographic boundaries of the City of Emeryville must pay each employee at least $12.25 per hour as of July 2, 2015. Large businesses (those with 56 or more employees) must pay at least $14.44 per hour as of July 2, 2015.

Emeryville’s minimum wage rates will increase annually with the large business minimum wage rates adjusting annually for inflation every July 1 based on the annual increase in the local consumer price index (CPI). Small Business minimum wage rates will increase in increments until 2019.

Emeryville Paid Sick Leave

Emeryville Paid Sick Leave

Building on the State of California’s requirement that employers provide paid sick leave to both full-time and part-time employees, Emeryville’s ordinance exceeds the State requirements, including a maximum of 48 paid sick leave hours accruable for employees of small businesses and 72 hours for employees of large businesses. Workers accrue one hour paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked.

Emeryville Hospitality Service Charges

Emeryville Hospitality Service Charges

Emeryville’s new ordinance requires that hospitality employers must pay the entirety of hospitality service charges to the workers who performed those services such as hotel room service delivery, banquet catering, or carrying luggage for hotel guests.

Emeryville Posting Requirements

Emeryville employers are required to display the notice in a prominent location in the workplace. Additionally, employers must provide each employee immediately and all new employees in the future. Failure to display or provide the notice is punishable with a fine of up to $500 imposed by the City.

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