Prep for 2021: Labor Law Posting Updates

By Erica Kritsberg
Published May 13, 2020

Labor Law Postings Preparing for 2021

A flurry of updated postings have been issued in recent weeks, and employers should review their program now as 2021 approaches.

With less than a month and a half until next year, employers can begin their 2021 prep with updated labor law postings, which jurisdictions have been releasing at a rapid rate in recent weeks.

The bulk of the updated postings are related to employment laws that will be revised at the beginning of 2021:

Meanwhile, employers should also be sure to review the composition of their employee base, as many of the recent posting updates include Spanish and other languages.

With the flurry of posting updates jurisdictions have issued over the past couple of months, we’ll examine the implications for employers.

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2021 Labor Law Posting Updates

While some posting updates are simply related to something small, like new contact information or verbiage changes, others are directly tied to actions employers must take.

First, with dozens of minimum wage updates on the horizon as the calendar turns to 2021, many jurisdictions have already released updated postings. Employers should review whether minimum wage increases will happen in jurisdictions where they have locations to avoid noncompliance on two fronts.

Other updates GovDocs researchers have seen of late include changes to paid leave laws. In Maryland, for example, the definition of family was expanded under the state’s Healthy Working Families Act. And Maine’s earned paid leave law, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2021, has been added to a posting about regulations of empl

Labor Law Posting Trends


Elsewhere, a Westchester County, N.Y., poster inactivated as it was preempted by New York State’s new paid sick leave law, which went into effect Sept. 30, 2020.

Another postings category employers should examine is COVID-19. Some jurisdictions have extended effective dates of coronavirus-related laws or made other adjustments to the respective posting. Washington, D.C., has extended the expiration date for its COVID family and medical leave law, for example.

Lastly, for employers with locations in Canada, updated minimum wage rates and expanded information related to COVID-19 have resulted in recent posting updates.

Employers may consider an audit of local laws where they have locations to determine whether there is an associated posting update.


The new year brings a number of annual compliance concerns for employers, labor law postings being no exception.

Fortunately, many jurisdictions have issued updated postings ahead of time, giving compliance teams a bit of breathing room to plan for displaying new postings.

Still, posting updates happen year-round, and maintaining compliance is more than a once-a-year task.

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