Rhode Island Raises 2016 Minimum Wage

Minimum wage workers in Rhode Island will receive a six percent increase on their paychecks in 2016.

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The State of Rhode Island enacted a new law raising the State’s minimum wage to $9.60, effective January 1, 2016. The current Rhode Island minimum wage rate is $9.00 and will remain in effect until December 31, 2015.

The 2016 increase represents the eighth increase since Rhode Island implemented a State minimum wage in 1999.

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Rhode Island Minimum Wage Notice Requirements

According to GovDocs Compliance Counsel, Anne Jakala, Esq., the State’s posting requirement hasn’t changed – just the minimum wage amount.

“The amendment to the Rhode Island minimum wage law doesn’t specifically address posting the new minimum wage rate; however, Rhode Island’s existing statutes require the posting of minimum wage orders by employers in a ‘conspicuous and accessible place’.” (Title 28 §28-12-11)

GovDocs expects the State to release the updated minimum wage posting later in the year. The existing posting law does not require this posting in any other language than English.

The Rhode Island minimum wage notice is part of the GovDocs Rhode Island Compliance Package, which includes postings required for Rhode Island workplaces:

  • Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Discrimination
  • Notice To All Employees (Unemployment & Disability Insurance)
  • State Minimum Wage Poster
  • Parental & Family Medical Leave Act
  • Ignoring This Poster Can Be Hazardous To Your Health (Right To Know)
  • Sexual Harassment In Employment
  • Whistleblowers’ Protection Act

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