Smarter Employment Law Compliance Management

GovDocs’ software platform simplifies employment law compliance for large, multi-jurisdiction employers. This one-stop destination, including minimum wage and paid leave, helps clients automate research and tracking processes, gain proactive intelligence on current and future laws, and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

GovDocs Minimum Wage

GovDocs Minimum Wage is an online solution that helps you increase the accuracy and efficiency of your minimum wage processes, while saving you time and resources and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

  • View Location-Specific Minimum Wage Rates and Related Information

  • Access All Wage Rate Information From an Interactive Map

  • Receive Minimum Wage Rate Updates Straight to Your Inbox

  • Explore Detailed Wage Pages

GovDocs Paid Leave

GovDocs Paid Leave is a software solution that simplifies the process of managing paid leave for large, multi-jurisdiction employers, applying paid leave laws specific to each location.

  • Count on Accurate Laws Specific to Your Locations

  • Stay One Step Ahead with Timely Updates

  • Access Complex Data in an Easy-to-Use, Efficient Interface

  • Reduce Your Risk of Non-Compliance